Travel insurance is important. It provides protection and coverage for unexpected events that can happen on holiday. Travel insurance can cover a range of scenarios, such as:
  • Medical emergencies and repatriation
  • Lost or stolen baggage
  • Trip cancellations or interruptions
  • Natural disasters
You must purchase insurance cover that is appropriate for your travel plans. Travelling without the right cover can be very expensive if things do go wrong while you are abroad.

There are many reasons why travel insurance may be invalidated. If you buy a basic policy that does not provide enough medical coverage, you may get a big bill if you have an unexpected health issue on holiday. You may buy a policy that does not cover your planned holiday activities such as water sports or quad biking; or does not cover cancellations or delays. If you’re injured doing activities, or your trip is disrupted, you may have a big bill to pay. So, before you go on holiday, you can do some small things in only a few minutes which could save you a lot of money.

► Declare all of your medical conditions

► Check your insurance covers your activities

► Check your insurance covers the whole trip

► Check that medical evacuation is included

► Share you policy details with friends and family

► Pack your policy document

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